Those were the months that were: July to October 2021

Four months have passed since I wrote one of these posts and the phrase ‘least said soonest mended’ feels like an appropriate summary. Basically some things happened, some things I’d wanted to happen didn’t, and then the clocks went back. Mostly I feel as if I stepped off the path in July and when I stepped back on it was the end of October and I’d very much like whichever fae was responsible to give me the time back, thank you so very much.

Since we’re still, no matter what some people would like us to believe, living in the middle of a pandemic, I am very pleased that I will be getting my booster shot at the start of December. I’m even happier that both my parents have already had theirs and we’re all fully flu-jabbed too. Health-wise things have been difficult so being able to do what we can to protect ourselves and everyone around us makes such a difference mentally. I’m currently considering whether to have the pneumonia jab that Boots offer (both parents have received them from their GP) so if any of you have done this please let me know if you think it’s worth it; £70 is not an insignificant amount so all advice is welcome!

For all the things I’m not talking about I should say that did have a quiet, contemplative and very lovely All Hallows’ Eve and you can see the table dressing I did for it on this tiny post I made on the day itself. I also finally managed to get a short break, on my own, to a delightful stone cottage on the outskirts of Hereford. I’m hoping to make a separate post talking about the places I visited and share the best of the photos I took (I was incredibly lucky with the weather) but for now here are four of my favourites which I included in a reply to a tweet asking for photos with nice vibes:

Since I do not want to jinx anything I am not going to promise any further blog posts at this time but I am crossing my fingers that I’ll be here a little more regularly from now on, and I hope some of you are too.

Take care and make sure to stay cosy now the nights are drawing in xxx

One thought on “Those were the months that were: July to October 2021

  1. We visited Hereford last year, and thought it lovely. We need to go back, since it’s not very far away. I took a very similar photo of Elgar too.


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