A Year in the Woods: December

This, for me, is the month of darkness that even the twinkliest of lights and brightest of candles cannot completely dispel. As the shortest day looms large I grab every moment I can get in the light and revel in the bite of the wind even as I slip and slide on wet leaves and mud.

I find myself searching more carefully for uplifting sights in the woods, rather than focusing on the way the December rains seem to wash the colour away, leaving the paths grey and slightly forbidding. And, as is usually the case in life, what you look for, you find.

So here ends A Year in the Woods. This wood, ancient as it is, is becoming less accessible with every passing year – new housing estates up to its edges, farmers blocking access “accidentally”, the management of the wood as whole being neglected so fallen and about to fall trees are an ever present danger – so whilst I didn’t managed to capture every month I am glad the months I did cover have captured each of the seasons, and my favourite spots, for posterity.

I do hope you’ve enjoyed it too and I’d love to hear about your favourite woods or walks if you feel inclined to share!

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