Alban Eilir: Spring Equinox

Spring has most definitely sprung in my little corner of the world and now we have reached the point in the year where we start to get more hours of sunshine than night I am starting to feel a little brighter too.

There is a magic in finding a way to align your own personal progression through this world with the earth’s yearly rotation around the sun. In the past two years, and with the myriad of misery we are currently watching unfold across the world, I have found myself cleaving to this pattern with renewed need. The presence of the eternal rhythm a soothing counterpoint to the often chaotic world we’re all desperately trying to make sense of and function within.

I see the equinoxes and solstices as the crossing places of the year, the points at which to stop and consider what direction you’ll take next. I look at both what I hope the next part of my seasonal journey will contain and what I’d like to leave behind. I tend to use the equinoxes as reminders to focus on creating balance in my life, a chance to add slow, steady, incremental change. Solstices, on the other hand, seem to call for thought about all-or-nothing mindsets and anything that needs a more line-in-the-sand or dramatic change.

Thus I’ve spent the last few days musing on what I want to make more of in my life, considering what energy I have to spare and where it can best focused, identifying the small things that could make big differences if they happen consistently. Today all those thoughts have been pulled together. I’ve made the final decisions on the when and how of my choices and changes and spent time determining how I can use the energy of spring to aid me in this in the coming weeks.

Some of that work happened during my morning walks in the local woods, more of it happened at my desk and altar, but some of it happened as I wandered in the garden today, noting the new life appearing at every turn and bringing new colour to the world. These were my favourites:

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