The Small Things Spreading Joy in November

Another month over and I would very much time to slow down for minute! I spent the first half of November in Northumberland, location hunting for the house move which, by hook or by crook, will be happening next year. The second half was mostly spent in the back of cupboards wondering when the Doctor had retrofitted all the storage spaces in my parents house to be a set of back up Tardises (tardises? tardisi? really feel there shouldn’t be a plural). How can each space hold so much stuff?

I’ve been doing my best to get a walk each day and I’m grateful that the weather has been very kind in terms of both the amount of sunshine provided in the few hours of daylight we’ve been getting and the temperature. I’ve already had to resort to thermals even though it’s been incredibly mild for the time of year and I dread to think how I’m going to manage when we get a proper cold snap but since I’m trying not to borrow trouble I shall assume future me will deal with whatever happens and get on with sharing the pictures, which is what this post is all about (if this is the first small things post you’ve seen from me, you can find the explanation of what I’m doing here).

And these two are moving:

Photo of a wooden sign post pointing to the right of the picture with Public Footpath written on it. The signpost is in a hedge and surrounded by hawthorn berries. Beyond you can see a field and blue sky.

Now I’ve saved this one for last as it caused something of stir on twitter.

Photo of a leafless shrub with bright pink star shaped flowers. In the background is a lawn, trees and a very pale blue sky.

I took this photo in the walled garden of Wallington, a National Trust property in Northumberland, and when I tried to identify the flower myself I came up blank. So when I posted it I added a little note to say I thought it was beautiful but had no idea what it was and if anyone knew to tell me. As luck would have it, one of my mutuals on there is botanical expert and she happened to see the tweet. Only she wasn’t sure what it was either and retweeted asking for ideas. My mentions went a little crazy after that but I learnt a lot of new botany related words and realised that although there was a tentative consensus, no one was certain. Not expecting a reply since by that time it was about 9pm, I tagged the Wallington NT twitter team and asked them if they could ask the Wallington gardeners what it was. I got an immediate reply to say they’d check in the morning, which they duly did and ….

It was what my botanist friend had narrowed it down to: Clerodendrum trichotomum, known colloquially as a glorytree. The confusion was caused by the fact that mostly you see the flowers with large berries in their centre. I’d taken my photo after the berries had dropped but before the flowers had died. If you want to know more about this most delightful of shrubs, the wikipedia page is very informative.

Since I am more organised this month this post comes to you on 1st December and thus I can wish you all a Happy Month and offer a small blessing to help us make the most of the last month of 2022:

May we all find what we need, where and when we need it!

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