Wrangling the Yarn: Q1 2023

This is going to be a rather short post because the two large projects I’ve been working on since Midwinter are still ongoing and will both be gifts once they are done. Which means I don’t want to risk sharing work-in-progress pictures where the intended recipients might see them. 

What I can say is that I am almost half way through the biggest of the projects and two thirds of the way through the “smaller” one and given that I only have half an hour most days to spend on my crochet I think I’m doing rather well all told. 

One of these projects involves mosaic crochet, which I mentioned I wanted to learn about last autumn, and I’m loving it so far. It is far less complicated than it looks and I found a few really good youtube videos that not only cover the basics but give some really good tips and tricks to make the work neat, tidy and much less troublesome at the end. I’ve put them together in a playlist and you can find it here if you’d like to have a try! 

Now, for all the things I can’t show you, I do have one I can; a little bag, started and finished this quarter and already arrived at its forever home!

A small blue crocheted bag sits on a dark blue cushion in front of a cream and blue striped pillow. The body of the bag is made up of "dragon scales" of three different shades of blue, layered so that the different colours swirl upwards and around the bag in a spiral. The top of the bag is a draw string closure, the string crocheted using the two paler shaded of blue and the section with the holes for the string in the darkest shade of blue.

I love the way the colour changes have worked up on the “scales” and I’m considering what other shades I might use to make other tri-coloured dragonscale bags. Or whether it would be possible to make a rainbow bag with similarly upward swirling stripes rather than horizontal as I have in the past. But these are only wonderings. I won’t be trying out anything until I’ve finished my current wips. Obviously*.  

And finally my leaf shawl travelling wip – the crochet project that folds up small enough to go on journeys with me in the corner of my handbag – has not been forgotten.

 Although I imagine it’s feeling rather neglected since it’s only had one outing so far this year (when I took a trip to visit my BFF in her new London pad at the start of February). I suspect that it may remain feeling neglected over the coming months as I’m determined to get my parents house cleared, painted, and up for sale as soon as is humanly possible and that isn’t congruent with me galavanting all over the place!


*No, I’m not convinced by my own protestations either. I just thought that if I wrote it down where everyone else can see maybe I’d actually behave myself and not dive head first into my yarn stash the moment I walk away from the computer.  

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