Druidry Ancient and Modern

This is very much my approach to Druidry (bar ever having focused on becoming a Druid priest) and an excellent read.

Druid Life

It’s an interesting conundrum for modern Druids – how do we relate to the ancient Druids? We know just enough about historical Druidry for it to be a tantalising thing, mostly out of reach. If you want to dig into the history side, I recommend starting with Ronald Hutton and Graeme Talboys. We don’t know much (Ronald Hutton’s Blood and Mistletoe is a solid look at what we don’t know.) There’s a lot we can infer and take inspiration from (Graeme Talboys, Way of the Druid is great for this.)

So here we are, modern Druids, not directly connected to the historical ones, not doing what they did and unable to know what they thought or felt. It might not seem like an especially credible place to start from.

We do know broadly what the Druids of old reputedly did – that they were historians, healers, seers, scientists, teachers, advisors…

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