thumbnail-16Accountant by day, Authoress by night! It’s a good start (and it’s in my twitter bio so it must be true) but it doesn’t quite cover all that I am.

I used to joke that I sold my soul for money when I chose to become a Chartered Accountant and I imagine many of you probably think that’s a fair description of earning a living in what is viewed as one the most boring jobs going. However, it would be far more accurate to say that I bartered a small portion of soul in exchange for being able to earn enough money to spend my free time indulging my interests, which are many and varied. Plus the fact that since I’m really quite good with numbers and logic, it’s actually quite interesting for me and I can honestly say that most of the time I ….  gasp …. actually enjoy it!

And before you run away in horror, I must say that I absolutely do not fit into the accountant stereotype (not sure many accountants actually do, to be honest). Apart from writing (which isn’t something I know how not to do) I read anything and everything I can lay my hands on, I love going to the theatre and walking in the woods with my dog, Marmite, enjoy taking photos of things that capture my attention, and I have several … obsessions is too strong a word but “areas of interest” doesn’t quite express the force of my interest and enjoyment in them either.

Anyway, in no particular order my current “areas of interest” are:

– JRR Tolkien and Middle Earth

– Sherlock Holmes in all his incarnations but especially ACD’s originals, the Granada TV series with Jeremy Brett, and BBC’s Sherlock.

– The Arthurian Legends, in any and every form.

– World War I

– The most recent Afghanistan Conflict

– British Magic, Myths and Legends

– The Philosophy of Mind, particularly Consciousness and Self-Consciousness.

– Photography

– Natural History and Conservation.

– Crafting – especially knitting and painting.

– Terry Pratchett’s Discworld and his other creations

– Tamora Pierce’s books set in and around Tortall

 – I was about to continue listing authors but then I realised it would take me until next year to finish the list, so I’ll just say that I am especially fond of the fantasy, crime/mystery and historical fiction genres but am pretty omnivorous as far as books go and I tend to talk about whatever I’m reading at the moment (which can be anything up to 15 books simultaneously).

The posts on here are likely to be a delightful (as far as I’m concerned at any rate) mix of all the above and I welcome comments and discussion on all of my posts (which is big hint to comment, even if it’s just to say “Hello!”). If you want to chat in a different format there are links to twitter and tumblr in my side bar. Do pop over, I’m always ready to make new friends!