May Reads

This has been a much more typical month, reading-wise. You’ll find reviews of five excellent books below and I also did some re-reading. Firstly, as is my custom in May, I re-read Night Watch by Terry Pratchett, which is possibly my most favourite book in the world and one I reviewed a couple of years … More May Reads

April Reads

As April is my birthday month I’ve mostly been reading the books I either received as gifts or pre-ordered and gifted to myself. However I’ve also been rather caught up in a rewatch of the entire nine seasons of the Endeavour TV series which came to an end in March and that has somewhat limited … More April Reads

New Beginnings

Spring had come in all its glory, filling every inch of the Wildwood with light and life. Between the greening trees what ground that wasn’t a dusky haze of bluebells, or shining white with wild garlic, was lush with grass dotted through with celandines and anemones, archangels and orchids, vetch and violets.  The banks of … More New Beginnings

Druidry Ancient and Modern

Originally posted on Druid Life:
It’s an interesting conundrum for modern Druids – how do we relate to the ancient Druids? We know just enough about historical Druidry for it to be a tantalising thing, mostly out of reach. If you want to dig into the history side, I recommend starting with Ronald Hutton and…