Johnny get your gun

In which I get all technical about John’s weapon of choice, and then take a look at several questions raised by John’s possession of a hand gun - including how he might have ended up with it in the first place.John’s gun, which we first see in his drawer at the start of A Study … Continue reading Johnny get your gun

A Question of Research

Well, several questions, actually. They’ve been flitting about my mind for a while now but, thanks to a message I received this morning, have been dragged kicking and screaming on to the page. The message, from someone I’ve occasionally had discussions with on various comment threads, asked whether any of the representations of the Afghanistan … Continue reading A Question of Research

Weekend Writing Warriors: 7th July 2013

Firstly and for anyone that stumbles upon this post who isn't part of the fabulous WeWriWa group already:Weekend Writing Warriors is a weekly blog-hop. Each week, participants sign up HERE at Weekend Writing Warriors, then post 8 sentences of their work, published or unpublished, to go live between 12:00 noon Saturday, and 9:00 AM Sunday … Continue reading Weekend Writing Warriors: 7th July 2013

British Rules of Engagement in Afghanistan

These are defined on "Card A" and must be obeyed by all British Forces in all engagements in Afghanistan.When you read them, the comment made by John Reid when he committed 3,300 more troops to the conflict in January 2006 that "We would be perfectly happy to leave in three years and without firing one shot … Continue reading British Rules of Engagement in Afghanistan

Today is UK Armed Forces Day

And this is me showing my support for the brave men and women, and their families, who serve our country so diligently and put themselves in harms way for our benefit.Last year I wrote a post about heroes inspired by a quote from BBC Sherlock. This year my offering for the day is also Sherlock … Continue reading Today is UK Armed Forces Day