John’s Mug

This is going to be short and sweet because, clearly, there isn’t a huge amount one can say about a drinking receptacle with the insignia of the Royal Army Medical Corps (RAMC) on it.That it is special to John is in no doubt – he has it with him in a bedsit that is otherwise … Continue reading John’s Mug

UK Armed Forces Day

is today, so this is me showing my support for all our troops - past, present, alive and dead!I had intended to post a new Captain Watson fic to mark the occasion but Real Life got in the way and I haven’t finished the re-write. So, instead, I’m just going stick this glorious picture of … Continue reading UK Armed Forces Day

Theatre Review: The Two Worlds of Charlie F

I’m struggling to find words to describe this play that don’t sound completely trite or overly effusive. Why? Because it was, with out a doubt, one of the best plays I’ve ever seen.Mainly because it isn’t just a play. The majority of the men and women on the stage are UK Armed Forces personnel – … Continue reading Theatre Review: The Two Worlds of Charlie F

Johnny get your gun

In which I get all technical about John’s weapon of choice, and then take a look at several questions raised by John’s possession of a hand gun - including how he might have ended up with it in the first place.John’s gun, which we first see in his drawer at the start of A Study … Continue reading Johnny get your gun

British Rules of Engagement in Afghanistan

These are defined on "Card A" and must be obeyed by all British Forces in all engagements in Afghanistan.When you read them, the comment made by John Reid when he committed 3,300 more troops to the conflict in January 2006 that "We would be perfectly happy to leave in three years and without firing one shot … Continue reading British Rules of Engagement in Afghanistan

The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers

A brief history because I needed to get it straight in my head.   My need to detail this particular regiment’s history is, in a small way, down to Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle choosing the 5th Northumberland Fusiliers as Dr John H. Watson’s regiment but it is mostly due to BBC Sherlock's John Watson claiming he was … Continue reading The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers