A head full of ghosts

They’re never quiet. Oh I can ignore them - turn the volume up on my conscious thoughts or slip into a book and listen to someone else’s ghosts for a while – but I’m never unaware of their presence, never alone. I’m not sure I’d want to be, any more. I used to want that, … Continue reading A head full of ghosts

In foreign fields …

... they lie for all eternity; a tribute to the courage of man and a testament to man’s savagery.‘Who were they?’ a young child asks as we stand and stare out over the rows of crosses. ‘Had they done something bad?’The mother shushes her, leading her away from our group and back to the coach, … Continue reading In foreign fields …

Morning Call

The thumping wakes me.  Irregular but persistent it shakes the wall by my head and, once I’ve unwoven my mind from the tapestry of dreams, leaves me in no doubt that my day has begun. The clock reads five to six.  Smiling, I slide out of bed and switch off the alarm that hasn’t had the … Continue reading Morning Call

All in the mind

The mud covered track that rises up through the wood in front of me dampens my resolve; such a stark contrast with the blazing sun at my back seems ominous. I hesitate, noting the marks of hooves in the churned mess as my eyes adjust to the darkness beneath the trees. The rustle of their … Continue reading All in the mind