A Question of Research

Well, several questions, actually. They’ve been flitting about my mind for a while now but, thanks to a message I received this morning, have been dragged kicking and screaming on to the page. The message, from someone I’ve occasionally had discussions with on various comment threads, asked whether any of the representations of the Afghanistan … More A Question of Research

Parade’s End – My favourite things – 3 of 100 – Fiction

This is the cover from the 2012 Penguin reprint with an introduction by Julian Barnes I first read Parade’s End when I was thirteen and in the throes of an obsession with World War One literature. I’d devoured all the war poetry I could get my hands on, read Birdsong in one long and distressing night … More Parade’s End – My favourite things – 3 of 100 – Fiction

Giants Dance

There is power here, real power. Here the magic of the earth is drawn up through these great bones of stone and made flesh by dawn and dusk, moon and stars. It is a place like no other and I am myself blessed to know it as I do. The men who built it are … More Giants Dance