Feeling special

Today a bouquet of flowers was delivered to me at work. These flowers to be exact: I wasn’t expecting them. It’s not my birthday or an anniversary of any sort, nor have I just passed an exam or done anything else worth celebrating. The card with them simply said Just because! Not wishing to sound … More Feeling special


Here live my shields against the world. Closing my eyes I inhale the mingling scents of fresh print and ancient, crumbling bindings, until my anxiety ebbs away. Which do I want? I move amongst them, nodding to old friends, assessing new arrivals, narrowing down my choices. I need comfort, I decide, the comfort of familiarity. … More Sanctuary

In which I am annoyed … at least to start with

I really should learn that reading Liz Jones is guaranteed to raise my blood pressure but, stupidly, each week I think that she can’t possibly top whatever ridiculous complaint she made the week before.  Wrong.  Her column today is on the subject of disastrous holidays and by the time I’d reached the end I was … More In which I am annoyed … at least to start with