Monthly Musings from May

Which I’ve decided will be posted on the last weekend of every month because it fits into my schedule better!Life, the Universe and EverythingWell, it may have been May according to the calendar but Mother Earth clearly didn’t get the memo, which makes me sad, not to mention cold and quite damp. However there have … Continue reading Monthly Musings from May

Christmas Eve reflections

I've come outside because the dog needs to complete her evening ablutions and, in her old age, she's getting increasingly skittish in the dark and doesn't like to venture forth alone. It's cool but not cold, the sky mostly clear bar the wisps of cloud that fly across the sky faster than Santa's reindeer could … Continue reading Christmas Eve reflections

The Power of Choice

Someone once told me that the most powerful phrase in the English language is ‘This I choose to do’.  I freely admit that, at the time and in the privacy of my own head, I questioned their sanity.  How on earth could saying you have made a choice make any difference?  Life is all about … Continue reading The Power of Choice