Spells in Old English

Below are all the spells that I have used so far in my Season 4 Merlin fan fiction 'This is the beginning' Prologue Æworuld rice gelácnian hie bánsele. Hælu ond eftgian mín déore sweostor Ancient powers heal her body.  Cure and strengthen my beloved sister. SE2PII Hræd eac galdor innan mic bréostgeþanc gif Arthur sy … Continue reading Spells in Old English

More Merlin fan fiction

I now have another chapter of my Season 4 Merlin fan fic up - link on the right of the blog page. I've also done a Merlin drabble which I'm inordinately proud of so I'm going to post it in full here: In case you don't know a drabble is exactly 100 words and if … Continue reading More Merlin fan fiction

Neglected but not forgotten

I'd almost forgotten I had this blog but I realised I wanted to post some of my poems and other writing and remembered I'd set it up. So, I'm back and I thought I'd post some of the pics I took while I was in Pierrefonds last September - watching the cast films some of … Continue reading Neglected but not forgotten