I still aten’t dead …

But the last eight months have been more exhausting than the previous two years and although the end is now near (there has to be a limit on how long employees can remain employed by an insolvent company) I still do not know exactly when it will be. Which means - since this level of … Continue reading I still aten’t dead …

Kizzia Quarterly Volume 2 – April to June 2017

I’m not going to talk much about the last quarter in this post. In fact I’m not going to talk much at all because with everything that’s going on at work and all the other things I’m trying to do at home, I’m pretty much terminally exhausted. So I’m giving you some pictures instead, of … Continue reading Kizzia Quarterly Volume 2 – April to June 2017

Kizzia Quarterly – Vol 1 – Winter/Spring 2017

It is now almost the end of May and this is less of a quarterly and more of a half-ly (if Shakespeare was allowed to make up words, I am too) but I’m not going to let that put me off sharing it with you! I should first say that I wrote most of this … Continue reading Kizzia Quarterly – Vol 1 – Winter/Spring 2017

I Aten’t Dead

I’ve just been swallowed by work and the house, getting poorly, having a tooth out, doing all the visiting of family, and reading and writing that hasn’t included any bloggable content for a while. So my apologies for that!  I can’t, however, promise much of an uptick in the blogging stakes over the next 18 … Continue reading I Aten’t Dead

Season’s Greetings!

A Christmas Dog and a Christmas Kim! Dog and I wish you all a very happy holiday season, whether you're celebrating a particular thing or not.  We know that for many of you 2016 has been a year you'd rather forget so we send all the love we can muster and hope that 2017 brings … Continue reading Season’s Greetings!

It is November 8th 2016 …

and so today is the day that the people of America get to choose between Donald J Trump and Hillary Clinton to run their country for the next four years.  Donald is a man barely qualified to run a business (and judging by his business’s track record that’s being kind) who has been recorded saying … Continue reading It is November 8th 2016 …

Warmth, glorious warmth!

I’m happy to have it. Heat all through the day, No need for a blanket! I shall now stop butchering “Food, glorious food” and explain why I’m delirious with happiness: I HAVE NEW BOILER AND ALL MY RADIATORS WORK PROPERLY AGAIN. So no more waking up in the morning and wondering if the bedroom had been … Continue reading Warmth, glorious warmth!

Monthly Musings: June 2016

A lot can change in a month. This is especially true when that month includes a retreat that gives you the head-space and time to really look at your life and decide what you want to keep, what you think has outlived its usefulness, and what you want to bring in fresh. Which means there … Continue reading Monthly Musings: June 2016

May Monthly Musings Are Early!

And are also going to be very short because I leave for a three week retreat – no internet, no social media, just me, space to think, and some beautiful places to walk whilst thinking - tomorrow and as yet I have not packed a single scrap of clothing. This month, well, all two weeks … Continue reading May Monthly Musings Are Early!