Words from the Week

Very unsurprisingly, I’ve been thinking a lot about freedom of speech this week. For me, the ability to speak my mind, share my thoughts, question things I’m not comfortable with, is something I value extremely highly. There have been a lot of quotes, hashtags, and articles flying around in the wake of the terrorist attack … Continue reading Words from the Week

Reporting for duty again.

Well I’m back, having had a holiday that was amazing, yet profoundly moving and will, I know, have a deep affect on me for many years to come. I realised last night that I’ve stood in the vicinity of almost 100,000 graves in the past week and, much like visualising otters on GERTIE, it really … Continue reading Reporting for duty again.

Following in their footsteps

Tomorrow I am setting off for Northern France, to spend a week visiting the memorials, battle sites and graves from the First World War. I have been planning this journey for the better part of a year and I'm hoping that I can fit everything that I've got down on my itinerary in.I'm based just … Continue reading Following in their footsteps

A Question of Research

Well, several questions, actually. They’ve been flitting about my mind for a while now but, thanks to a message I received this morning, have been dragged kicking and screaming on to the page. The message, from someone I’ve occasionally had discussions with on various comment threads, asked whether any of the representations of the Afghanistan … Continue reading A Question of Research

Are you listening?

It is an odd thing, to be partially deaf. There is nothing about me physically that would indicate the fact I have trouble hearing to anyone else and most of the time I am glad of that because, in all honesty, I don’t think I warrant any special treatment. After all, I can still hear … Continue reading Are you listening?

Sherlock Holmes – My favourite things – 2 of 100 – Fiction

Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle said of his most famous creation, "You may marry him or murder him or do what you like with him" and, in the 125 years since the one and only Consulting Detective moved into 221B Baker Street, many people have taken him up on that offer. I’ve spent quite a lot of … Continue reading Sherlock Holmes – My favourite things – 2 of 100 – Fiction

In which I am annoyed … at least to start with

I really should learn that reading Liz Jones is guaranteed to raise my blood pressure but, stupidly, each week I think that she can’t possibly top whatever ridiculous complaint she made the week before.  Wrong.  Her column today is on the subject of disastrous holidays and by the time I’d reached the end I was … Continue reading In which I am annoyed … at least to start with