Monthly Musings for December or "Where has the year gone?"

How in the heck can it be 21st December already? Who stole my year? Come on, own up, I promise not to be too hard on you … Oh wait, I remember, I stole all my own time with studying and work and generally trying to do ALL THE THINGS.  And I have done a … Continue reading Monthly Musings for December or "Where has the year gone?"

Words from the Week

And the words are Clickety-clickety-clickety-Woo-Woo!Yes, you guessed it, another train related posting, this time one written on the way home from a day working in London. It should be noted that I had been up since 4am in order to reach London for a spritely 8am, and fell asleep attempting to post it last night, … Continue reading Words from the Week

Sherlock, John, and the Mystery of the Embroidered Matchbox

Yesterday a parcel arrived all the way from America, sent by my wonderful friend Azriona who, as well as being an excellent writer, is the queen of all things embroidered and sewn.The present inside was so unique and so lovely that I couldn't help but wonder what my favourite detective and his blogger would make … Continue reading Sherlock, John, and the Mystery of the Embroidered Matchbox

Words from the Week

Despite the lack of posts for the last two weeks I can confirm that “I aten’t dead”. However, unlike Granny Weatherwax, who simply doesn’t seem to get sick, I have been ill. Am still ill, actually, although far better than I was. A cold, with the joyful addition of a vicious chest infection, completely wiped me … Continue reading Words from the Week

Words from the Week

Very unsurprisingly, I’ve been thinking a lot about freedom of speech this week. For me, the ability to speak my mind, share my thoughts, question things I’m not comfortable with, is something I value extremely highly. There have been a lot of quotes, hashtags, and articles flying around in the wake of the terrorist attack … Continue reading Words from the Week

New Year, New Words

Firstly, Happy New Year to everyone. I hope the first eight days of 2015 have been kind to you. A lot of things have happened in the interval since I last posted some words, so this might be a little longer than normal. This post was also not written today, but rather in bits and … Continue reading New Year, New Words

Words from the Week

These are late words - three days late to be precise - and for that I apologise. However sometimes real life doesn't respect posting schedules and this is one of those occasions.My weekend in London was was a wonderful whirl of theatre, film and friends – Sikes & Nancy, Miss Haversham’s Expectation, King Charles III … Continue reading Words from the Week

Words from the Week

Another update written on a train!This time on my way to London for a Q&A session with Judi Dench, thanks the wonderful Katri giving me her spare ticket. There's now a small review for this (yes, I've edited the post) and you can find it here if you're interested, but otherwise, this is what the … Continue reading Words from the Week

Loving London Life

I spent the majority of last week in London, two days of which were spent at a Sherlock Holmes conference (write up coming soon) and the rest of the time was spent variously mooching and visiting different theatres and favourite spots. The first evening I was there, the light was beautiful and I snapped this:If … Continue reading Loving London Life

On returning from the wilds of Herefordshire …

I thought I would share some of my photos. Mum, Dad and I decided to go for a long weekend because my Gran on my mother's side (who was born in 1906 and died eleven years ago) spent quite a lot of her childhood there, specifically in the village of Hoarwithy, living with her Grandparents during … Continue reading On returning from the wilds of Herefordshire …