A Question of Research

Well, several questions, actually. They’ve been flitting about my mind for a while now but, thanks to a message I received this morning, have been dragged kicking and screaming on to the page. The message, from someone I’ve occasionally had discussions with on various comment threads, asked whether any of the representations of the Afghanistan … More A Question of Research

A Map of Camelot

To be precise, a map of the Kingdom of Camelot as put together by the creators of BBC’s Merlin. This doesn’t explain how the geography seems to move about in direct correlation to how long the script writers need Arthur/Merlin/the Knights etc. to be on the road but it does give a little insight into … More A Map of Camelot

What’s in a name?

Well, more specifically what’s in the name of the little village, Ealdor, that Merlin comes from in the BBC TV Series? Quite a lot actually if you happen to type it into the Old English to English translator and press go: ealdor Strong Masculine Nounelder parent head of a family author source pl ancestors civil or … More What’s in a name?