Words from the Week

And the words are Clickety-clickety-clickety-Woo-Woo!Yes, you guessed it, another train related posting, this time one written on the way home from a day working in London. It should be noted that I had been up since 4am in order to reach London for a spritely 8am, and fell asleep attempting to post it last night, … Continue reading Words from the Week

Twelve Days of Ficmas (plus Christmas Eve)

Over on my live journal I've been posting a short fan fiction each day since Christmas Eve, each from a different two word prompt.Today marked the posting of the final fic and I can honestly say I’m sad to be done with them. Creating these stories has completely refreshed my writing mojo and I’ve had … Continue reading Twelve Days of Ficmas (plus Christmas Eve)

Word from the Week

Firstly, I ficced again. The Letter is the second in my "First In, Last Out” series that focuses on the back story of a John who trained as a GP and then changed careers and joined the Royal Marines as an officer in 42 Commando. It’s been over two years since I wrote the first … Continue reading Word from the Week

UK Armed Forces Day

is today, so this is me showing my support for all our troops - past, present, alive and dead!I had intended to post a new Captain Watson fic to mark the occasion but Real Life got in the way and I haven’t finished the re-write. So, instead, I’m just going stick this glorious picture of … Continue reading UK Armed Forces Day