Pausing All Posts

If you follow my Twitter you may have seen me make reference to the fact that life is coming at me fast and from every conceivable angle right now. I don’t want to go into details – because a) it isn’t just my own life that’s affected and b) despite what most social media apps … More Pausing All Posts

Onwards into Silence

Having celebrated the summer solstice by greeting the almost invisible dawn in woods so wet with rain that I didn’t dare get my camera out to record any of it, I’m taking myself away on a retreat. This is not the retreat I had hoped to be taking (that I spoke about in an earlier … More Onwards into Silence

This Sparks Joy! Monthly Musings for March 2021

After everything that has happened over the last week I found myself struggling to make a post about happy things. So much so that the first draft of this post was titled “This Does Not Spark Joy!” and discussed Sarah Everard’s murder and the experiences of so many women, myself included, who have been on … More This Sparks Joy! Monthly Musings for March 2021