Micro-Flash Mondays

Photo of a person using a blue biro to write in a spiral bound notebook. You can only see the hand and forearm of the person. Behind them, out of focus, is a soft with a blue and pink blanket on it. In front, also out of focus, is a coffee cup and a pair of glasses.
Photo by lilartsy on Pexels.com

I’ve been a member of Writers’ HQ (the best – and sweariest – no nonsense writing community around) for over four years and one of the ways they help their writers fit writing time into their schedule is by offering flash fiction prompts. Every Saturday on the free section of their forum (so everyone can join in) they post a prompt for the week ahead, to be used to create:

a) a 500 word flash fiction story to share on the forum (where camaraderie and excellent feedback abounds)

b) a micro-flash fiction – a story that fits into one tweet (so 247 characters) to be shared on Twitter the following Monday, or

c) both.

Back in June 2022 I decided that I would try to write and share a micro-flash each week and, by and large, I have succeeded so far. However just leaving them on twitter made them feel a bit disparate and unloved so I decided they should all live here, too, so that I, and anyone else who’d like to see the sort of fiction I create, could find them easily.

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