New Beginnings

Spring had come in all its glory, filling every inch of the Wildwood with light and life. Between the greening trees what ground that wasn’t a dusky haze of bluebells, or shining white with wild garlic, was lush with grass dotted through with celandines and anemones, archangels and orchids, vetch and violets.  The banks of … More New Beginnings

Laughing Betsy and the Village Wassail

‘Have you heard her yet?’ Jimmy’s head, mop of dark curls topping a hopeful expression, appeared around the door of Wayland’s smithy, just as it had every morning since the start of February. ‘Not yet, lad,’ Wayland replied, just as he had also done every morning, ‘You’ll know when we do.’ Jimmy’s expression fell. ‘But … More Laughing Betsy and the Village Wassail

Lone(ly) Wolf

Wolf did not howl much any more. Why would he? What point would there be when there was no one left to answer him? Oh the village dogs wailed to the moon every now and then but it was but a pale imitation of the pack song he longed to hear. He was an anomaly, … More Lone(ly) Wolf